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V.C.I Resin | Korean Export Package Manufacturer
It is very difficult to combine VCI Powder, one of the corrosion inhibitors, directly with synthetic resin products without any chemical treatment. OKPack VCI resin based on VCI Powder is produced in a chip form so that it can be added to various synthetic resin products for preventing corrosion.

Used by mixing certain amount of VCI Resin with another resin etc., ex) VCI Film
Consult with us to check the suitable amounts and types of resin for your purpose
Korean Export Package Manufacturer

How to Use
Work at right temperature depending on the equipment and the usage environment.
Seasonal influences should be considered as VCI Resin is sensitive to moisture
Please contact us for more details

A thorough storage is required especially in summer as VCI Resin is sensitive to moisture
There may be bubbles on the packing product if the moisture is not completely removed from the equipment or moisture vapor transmits inside the package during storage
Store away from the direct sunlight
If you face any problems, please contact us for further testing before using the product.
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