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What is Absorbent
Classification of Drying Method






Physical Dry

Absorb moisture by using the large surface

Silica Ball, Activated, carbon, silica gel, mineral

Chemical Dry

Absorb moisture by chemically responding with moisture

phosophorous pentoxide dark sulfuric acid and etc

What to dey

How to dry gas

Equip liquid or gas to the specific equipment and let the target gas go through the equipment for drying

How to dry liquid

Method of evaporation by mixing dry agent to the solution

How to dry Solid

Use equipment such as desiccator, infrared ray dry, and etc.

Acid desiccant

How to dry gas

Absorb flammable gas with acid desiccant

Dark sulfuric acid, phosphorous pentoxide, and etc

Flammable desiccant

Absorb acid gas with flammable desiccant

Soda lime

Neutral desiccant

Normally absorb vapor

Silica Gel

Classification of Desiccant (Classification according to KS T 1084)

Relative Humidity


Low Moist Type

High Moist Type

Type 1 (Container)

Type 2 (Small bag that has moisture permeability)

Type 1

Type 2

Absorbent at relative humidity of 20%


Above 8.0

Above 3.0

Absorbent at relative humidity of 50%

Above 20.0

Above 10.0

Absorbent at relative humidity of 90%

Above 30.0

Above 50.0

Percentage of water content

Above 2.0

Above 2.5

Above 2.0

Above 2.5

pH Value



Small bag dropping strength

Number of damages: Below 1

Number of damages: Below 1

★ %Dropping strength = 10 at 1.5m for over 50g, 40 at 2.5m for below 50f (number of damages)

Calculating Usage (Method according to KSA1032)
There is a theoretical calculation method based on the worst environment but it is too excessive to apply to reality.
In the vehicle industry, 200g is used for every 1m³.
Also, transportation environment is considered or increase/decrease is applied according to experience.

3. Precautions when selecting and using Absorbent
Supplement in the case there is a lack after checking the moisture permeability of the packing material
Check the existence of inner moisture (Cause of dew condensation)
Check the warning of permeability such as pallet
Consider the seasonal factors (seawater, fog area, and etc.)
Theoretical usage amount can exceed according to situation. Please use effectively by checking experience

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